About Sherri

Okay, I will write an "About Me" page, although I really think people don't read these !  :-)

I am the "mother" of our mother-daughter pair. Where ever you see green writing in this blog, it is me 'talking'!

I have been married to the most wonderful man for 25 years and am the mother to 3 grown babies plus one son-in-law. I am very excited that in a couple of short months I will be a grandma for the first time! Of course, I can't forget my other babies...  My 9 year old chihuahua named Loco and 11 year old black lab named Levi.

Before I go any further, let me warn you I use smiley faces way too much in my writing. This is partially because I like to try to put a happy, positive spin on anything, and partially because I like to be a little sarcastic and funny (at least in my own eyes). I also tend to use way too many exclamation points ! ! ! !

I love to craft - I will experiment with just about any craft technique and supply I can get my hands on. I think my favorites are sewing and quilting. Also, I love to play and work online... I still prefer to type my own HTML code that to use a program or WYSIWYG tool. Of course, above all, I love my family !

All this being said, starting this blog made perfect sense. It combines three of the things I love the most.
Please forgive me for the liberties I may take with "correct" grammar, including my over-use of exclamation points and also - I almost forgot - the " . . . " They are just the way I like to write. If you want to see me being less liberal with grammar rules, you can check out my Family Crafts site.

Sorry, had to give a little plug to Family Crafts; after all, that is my first labor of crafty love !  :-)