Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blake's Buckets

So, if you read the previous blog post, you saw all of the hard work that has gone into baby Blake's nursery so far. I am still working on a few sewing projects for it. Here is one project I just finished:

These buckets were very easy to make using a bucket pattern called Make Life ... Fun from SweetWater. The pattern even came with the iron on labels but I saved them for next time since they did not match the Dr. Seuss fabric!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby's Nursery

We are ALMOST done in the nursery! Hallelujah, because I'm getting tired and uncomfortable!

We chose a Dr. Seuss theme before we even knew that we were having a little girl. Both my hubby and I grew up loving Dr. Seuss, and reading is going to be very important in our house. We chose a neutral pallet for the colors, and I wanted to incorporate polka dots as well.

Mom came up to our house two weeks ago to help us with a couple of the last big things to do. We still have a couple of small things that mom is working on (thanks, mom), but otherwise it's looking pretty good!
I'm so excited!  Mom is still working on making a crib bumper, fabric bins, and changing pad covers--all with Dr. Seuss fabric!  I have my first shower this weekend, but I am ready for our little girl to make her appearance!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photography--My Newest Passion!

I have always loved taking photos!  I was able to treat myself to a Canon Rebel Xsi in the summer of 2009, as a graduation gift to myself.  I tended to favor shooting in auto, but that was mainly because I had no idea how to use manual!  Last Spring, mom and I took a photography class with my wedding photographers in Grand Forks.  They were amazing, and we learned a lot (mainly how to shoot in manual and understand my camera settings)!  Ever since then, I think both mom and I have been a bit more inspired.  

After that class, I started taking photos of friends and family.  Word of mouth has been spreading, and I've had a handful of friends of friends contact me to shoot their photos.  After a lot of thought, I've been tossing around the idea of starting my own side photography business.  I'm still not sure how far I want to take it, but I am ready to start marketing my services and see how many bites I get!  

I just created my own photography website and facebook fan page to get started marketing.  In addition, I also just upgraded my camera (Canon 60D), and I am super excited to get it in the mail!  I will have lots of practice shooting another cute baby in about a month or so :).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Creative Uses for Embroidery Hoops

A couple of weeks ago I went to Katie's House (about 150 miles away) to help her with some finishing touches for the Dr. Seuss themed nursery. Among other things we used 7-inch embroidery hoops to add some creative flair!

We printed out Blake's name using a font named Pea Noodle Parlor. We traced the letters onto fusible web...  Then, we started over because I had forgotten that the letters have to be traced backwards onto the fusible web!

We ironed the letters onto fabric, cut out each letter, and then ironed it onto the black and white Dr. Seuss fabric. We then cut the fabric a bit bigger than the 7-inch embroidery hoops. Then you simply stretch the fabric in each embroidery hoop. (You can find more detailed directions here.)

What do you think of it? We may consider making customized embroidery hoop wall art if anyone is interested!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Four Things

A little birdie (mama Sherri) told me that a good blog post is one that is short, sweet and has pictures.  To learn a bit more about me, I wanted to share three things that are very important to me. 

My Hubby
 I got married to the love of my life, Josh, on August 21, 2010.  We dated for three years before he proposed to me in June of 2008.  We had a long engagement so that I could finish my master's degree (bless him for being so patient with me).  I am absolutely loving my life as a newlywed and new wifey!

My Little Pumpkin
Shortly after our wedding (like a week and a half), Josh and I found out we were expecting-we were already six weeks pregnant!  We were both so excited and surprised!  I am currently 32 weeks pregnant, and due on either April 25th or May 5th.  I never thought that I could love something that I haven't met so much, but it's happening!  We're having a little girl, and her name will be Blake Leigh Ann.  Every time I feel her move or hiccup, I fall in love even more!!

My Fur-Babies
Anyone who knows me knows that I love animals.  I grew up with puppies and kitties, and was longing for them while renting apartments during my college years.  The first thing I wanted to buy after we bought our house, was a puppy.  Not just any puppy, a pug puppy.  I found my Lola Bud, and absolutely adore her.  Anyone with pugs knows how much personality they have.  She is truly the queen of our castle! 

We found our 3-legged Rudy accidentally while looking at the Humane Society's website.  We read his story and knew that we had to meet him.  The next day, we brought Lola into the Humane Society to meet him, and we fell in love!  We are one happy family!

My Family
I absolutely adore my family.  I don't think that I could ask for a better group of crazy people.  My parents are the best, and my brothers are pretty cool too.  They all mean the world to me!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First of Many

Welcome to the first blog post of our new Hidden Treasure Crafts blog!  Hopefully this is the first of many creative posts to come!

As you can see above, this site is run by a crafty mother (Sherri) - daughter (Katie) team.  We hope to both speak in our own voices and have lots of fun combining our individual personalities into a creative and entertaining blog.

We look forward to sharing not only crafts, but other aspects of our creative lifes with you. Creativity does not stop when the glue gun is put away!